Transform your organizational structure with our Simplified Modelling Platform. We provide comprehensive assistance in modelling your business processes, enabling you to identify and implement strategic improvements efficiently.

Simplified Modelling Platform

Besides modelling, one can create their specific notations to model business or other structures. After modelling, you can integrate the models into your automation environment. We will teach the route to independent modelling and integration to have a larger Return on Modelling Effort (RoME).


The VISI standard can be run from this platform and help you to register all contractual communication.


The hub serves as the central axis connecting all the applications you need to exchange data. It effectively functions as the single point of truth within your organization, generating links from the domain model and operating on InformationGrid.

All information from various applications is consolidated into a single system. It functions both as a collection point and a data warehouse, allowing you to display and report data from a unified system at any given moment.