We are TEEC2

And this is our story.

Mark has founded TEEC2 in 2017 as he wanted to create a medium where he would be able to not only apply the academic knowledge of organisational modelling in practice but also to continue doing research on the DEMO modelling methodology and to educate people about it.

Since its inception, TEEC2 team has grown to four full time employees including enterprise architect, data and process engineers and several part time software developers.

Our tooling allows us to tackle challenging organisational changes such as restructuring and expansions of businesses in an efficient and sustainable manner. We do this by combining an in-house developed software with the experience of applying scientifically grounded theories in practice. The software is used for transaction modelling which represent business processes and data structures.

Who We Are?


Enterprise architect with a solid focus on further research of organisational essence modelling methodology and its subsequent application in practice. 


Process and data engineer. He is passionate about connecting the dots between processes, data and software.


Lead modelling software developer with flexible thinking and really awesome ability of producing great solutions.


Software developer with a great attention to detail.

What our clients have to say